Are You Wasting Your Money On Print Advertising?

February 25, 2021

There are many print advertisements you should see. Print ads show us many brands who have paved the way over decades, creating innovative ways to showcase their products and services. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and digital marketing leaders can learn a lot from print advertising campaigns. For example, a 2018 print campaign from Stabilo Boss titled, “highlight the remarkable,” for highlighter pens–lights up women who had major impact on history, but were unrecognized by men. The campaign won many awards in print section of Cannes Lions festival of creativity. 

From this we can learn great communication provides a unique perspective of how a brand can make an impact.

Even more recently, the Nike ad featuring Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback caused controversy by kneeling during the National Anthem to protest police brutality and racism. The advert annoyed dissenters who boycotted and burnt Nike shoes, but the brand’s market value actually increased by $6 billion in just a few weeks after the unveiling of the new campaign. 

This can teach us that brands should take risks. CMOs should heed Nike’s call and be willing to take criticism when standing up for your beliefs.

One of the legendary print ads of all time is the Bill Bernbach’s 1960s launch for the Volkswagen Beetle. This ad paved a new direction from the status quo of car ads at the time, which were big and ostentatious. Rather, Volkswagen ad included mostly white space, a small image of its product, and a tagline that lit up what some might see as an undesirable feature: smallness.    

The risk actually helped VW stand out and create a groundbreaking ad that’s still being discussed today. From this we can learn that a minimalist approach can help a company stand out in a noisy, crowded world of advertising.

Modernizing the entire customer experience

Our world has changed considerably in recent years. The modern CMO still places a high priority on speed and creativity. The focus increasingly is on websites, mobile experience, social media, and email marketing. There is less reliance on print advertising to reach the modern digital consumer.

The focus today is to grow the brand and the enterprise. There is also an emphasis on partnering with business providers to drive growth. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data, there’s also an emphasis on data analytics to effectively learn more and to segment consumers.

CMOs are increasingly becoming responsible for the customer experiences. The CMO today has to think holistically–advertising is just one critical part of driving growth. You have to focus on:

  1. Strategy. Recognize that the best marketing is done locally 
  2. Positioning. Introduce your brand to new customers as timeless and relevant
  3. Product quality. Focus on the product, as well as on cost-effectiveness
  4. Offer choices. Prospects need to know your products will fit into the way they live

Viva the digital revolution

The digital revolution has changed the way companies and customers relate. The modern CMO has to balance aptitude, mental agility, and prioritize competing contradictions. Although print ads have taught us a lot about conceptual ideas, marketing now includes brand building by including multicultural audiences, design thinking, social media, business development, and sales. 

At FrontAd, we assist the modern CMO win new South Asian customers, resolve threats to the brand by competitors, and stay on budget. FrontAd can be the catalyst for growth as print ads once were in reaching new customers. 

As people rely more on digital for information about products, only FrontAd can help CMOs establish meaningful relationships with consumers to achieve ambitious expectations. Our objective is to assist CMOs launch innovative new products to affluent South Asians and profitably grow revenue.

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