A Breakout Year For Indian Americans In The White House

March 10, 2021

The Moon isn’t far enough, aim for Mars.

South Asian Americans are setting the pace for many important industries in the USA. In the midst of a global pandemic, America’s model minority has persisted, put in the hard work, and their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

Within 50 days of being in office, U.S. President Joe Biden has appointed at least 55 South Asian Americans to key leadership roles in his administration–the most in American history. “Indian-Americans,” he recently stated, “are taking over the country.” He was referring to the large number of South Asian Americans in his new administration.

“To tackle the challenges facing our country and restore faith in the government, we must build an administration with experienced, principled, and dedicated appointees. These individuals are part of the White House staff that is ready to build back better immediately to make a difference in the lives of working families,” said the U.S. President.

South Asian Americans are propelling to senior levels across all spheres in U.S. government.

What started with the election of the Vice President Kamala Harris, the first South Asian and Black woman to hold the office now includes many Indian names:

  • R. Vivek Murthy – U.S. Surgeon General
  • Sonia Aggarwal – Senior advisor for climate policy and innovation
  • Vanita Gupta – Civil rights attorney
  • Bharat Ramamurthi – Deputy Director U.S. National Economic Council
  • Sabrina Singh – White House deputy press secretary
  • Uzra Zeya – Civilian security, democracy, and human rights

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden also added two key members to her team:

  • Mala Adiga – Policy director
  • Garima Verma – Digital director

President Joe Biden’s inner circle, also includes notable South Asian Americans:

  • Vinay Reddy – Director Speechwriting
  • Young Vedant Patel – Assistant press secretary
  • Gautam Raghavan – Director of Presidential Personnel

For U.S. National security:

  • Tarun Chhabra – Senior Director for Technology and National Security
  • Sumona Guha – Senior Director for South Asia
  • Shanthi Kalathil – Coordinator for Democracy and Human Rights

White House Legal eagles includes:

  • Neha Gupta – Associate Counsel 
  • Reema Shah – Deputy Associate Counsel

During the campaign, President-elect Biden had indicated that he would rope in a large number of South Asian Americans. As President, he has followed through.

Indian Americans working in the U.S. government send a message about the commitment for the Biden-Harris administration to include and highlight the talents and experiences of individuals in top positions.

Dawn Of A New Decade Of Influence

Outside of the White House, President Biden also recognized the achievement of Dr. Swati Mohan, the NASA scientist involved in the historic landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars on February 18th. Dr. Mohan skillfully landed the rover on the Red Planet. 

“If we can land a rover on Mars, we can beat a pandemic,” the President stated. “With science, hope and vision, there’s nothing we can’t do as a country.”

The rising tide of South Asian Americans both inside the White House and in mainstream U.S. culture signifies a key change in the shaping of the American democracy. With an end to the pandemic in sight–and with it a return to normal, the momentum of South Asian Americans is clearly in the making.

South Asian Americans Path To Purchase

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