Vibrant South Asian women
are accelerating fashion trends

Fashion can deploy its silver lining by reaching South Asian American women–the stylish, educated, and affluent fashionistas who value the luxury segment.

South Asian American women are ambi-cultural with an immigrant edge. For fashion brands, this fast-growing, young, and digitally fluent consumer’s ability to influence trends cannot be ignored.

South Asian women are highly educated and adventurous:

  • Enjoy purchasing new fashion trends
  • 76% will pay for a brand they trust, even if it’s more expensive
  • Highest rising segment with 60% growth
  • Have the largest number of smartphones for any ethnicity
  • Are influencers in the marketplace
  • Want to stand out in a crowd

Trendsetting South Asian tastemakers are influencers in the fashion marketplace. Fashion players should deepen partnerships with affluent South Asian women to bring greater agility and accountability. FrontAd can show fashion brands a brighter future through digital channels that effectively reach the affluent South Asian American buyer.

Ready-to-wear for affluent South Asians.

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