South Asian American women
believe beauty is
interchangeable with wellness

The rapid growth and expanding financial power of the South Asian American women is having an impact on U.S. mainstream culture. The young, emerging consumer is quick to adopt new technologies particularly apps and are embracing new beauty products, trends, along with experiences.

Digitally fluent with an inter-cultural mindset, South Asian American women are concerned about how they take care of themselves, inside and out:

  • 81% are looking for new ways to live a healthier lifestyle
  • Are focused on skincare, makeup, and bath/body products
  • Open to signature skincare regimens, often including 10 or more steps
  • 76% will pay for a brand they trust, even if it’s more expensive
  • 54% love to travel and own computers, tablets than the regular population
  • 67% agree cultural heritage is an important part of who they are

For marketers and advertisers, this combination of youth, digital fluency, and an intercultural mindset makes South Asian American women a powerful consumer segment. FrontAd can act as a cultural influencer to introduce your beauty products to this discerning shopper.

The rising demand for new skin tones.

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