How to sell food and fast
moving consumer goods to
wealthy South Asians?

South Asians consumers outspend their American counterparts for Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods (FMCG) by more than 21 times. Knowing how to communicate with this growing consumer will help brands build relationships, deepen knowledge into South Asian preferences, and deliver more products.

South Asians in the U.S. have their own unique shopping preferences and outspend the average American shopper. Top five categories among South Asian consumers are:

  • Specialty eastern food
  • Coconut water
  • Rice
  • Hot tea
  • Salad/cooking oil

As FMCG manufacturers and retailers develop sales goals, they must keep the strong South Asian consumer in mind. FrontAd can provide FMCG and retailers with accurate, actionable ways to place their messaging to an affluent South Asian consumer. Our approach delivers actionable insights for a complex and changing marketplace that FMCG companies need to innovate and grow.

Identify the power of the South Asian consumer

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