Reinventing travel with affluent
South Asians
– longing for
what they remember

The future of travel includes well-heeled South Asian Americans. Being homebound has created an overwhelming sense of nostalgia among avid South Asian travelers.

Luxury tourism, the industry designed to satisfy the travel expectations of high net-worth individuals, appears to be more resistant against the pandemic than tourism in general. As the world moves on, the general travel and tourism industry shall recover rapidly and reach a value of $6.9 trillion by 2023.

Affluent South Asians will make travel and tourism industries stronger, as they actively seek:

  • Less crowded trips, searching for privacy, and a sense of calm
  • Luxury that fully rejuvenates to improve both mental and physical well-being
  • Far-flung destinations that have a personal meaning for the traveler
  • Travel that highlights a connection with local communities and sustainability

South Asian travelers are opting for fewer but longer trips to beautiful destinations. As the luxury travel and tourism industry comes back, FrontAd can build a bridge to where South Asians dream of going.

South Asians are discovering places beyond the traditional.

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