The Best & Worst Ads Of Super Bowl LV, 2021

It was the year 1984, and 77 million Americans were glued to their television sets. The Washington Redskins were up 28 to 9 against the Los Angeles Raiders when the whistle for a break was sounded. Suddenly, bald uniformed, expressionless people fill the television set. A split second later, a blonde athlete is being pursued […]

International Travel Resumes: Is Your Hospitality Brand Ready To Welcome 30 Million US Visitors In 2022?

The hospitality industry depends heavily on tourism. Expenditure by foreigners makes up the majority of the hotel industry’s income. So when international travel was banned in the US due to the pandemic, the hospitality sector took a huge blow.  However, things are about to change—the US is slowly opening its doors to foreign travelers from […]

What Are The South Asian Home-buyers In The US Looking For?

Buying a home is a quintessential rite of passage to adulthood. The pride of owning a home, and the security it provides, is what drives many of us. In the United States, the number of South Asian-American home buyers is on an upward trajectory: Between 2000 & 2019 Asian-headed households grew by 83% 60% of […]

Is Your Brand Neglecting The Fastest Growing Demographic In America?

The South Asian diaspora is on an upward trajectory in the United States. According to data released by the Asian American Foundation the South Asian population in the US grew by 81% in the last decade.  It is not just in numbers that the community is expanding, their purchasing power is growing too, and the […]

South Asian Brand Marketing Evangelist

Brand evangelism, sometimes called evangelism marketing can seem like one of the many marketing fads to the untrained eye. But seasoned marketers know it is a strategic cornerstone, with consumer culture shifting towards an era where “reviews” are dominating decision making, brand evangelism cannot be ignored. Here are five ways the equation between brands and […]

E-commerce Continues To Be A Way Of Life—Is Your Brand Ready?

Digital transformation was already creating an ecosystem where brick and mortar stores were being forced to shut shop. Blockbuster filing for bankruptcy in 2010 due to Netflix winning their customers over is a classic example.  The Covid-19 pandemic has put this growth and dominance of digital on steroids. It has fast-tracked the growth of e-commerce […]