What Does Biden-Harris Win Mean For South Asians & Brand Marketing?

Minorities, immigrants, and communities of color can look on with excitement to the next Vice President Kamala Harris, who collectively with President elect Joe Biden are building the pillars of democracy for something new. An Emotional Uplift For Change In USA Kamala is Sanskrit for “lotus flower,” gave mentions of her Indian heritage throughout the […]

How To Reach The 1% Movers And Shakers?

American Express launched its first travel and entertainment credit card in 1958 and was seen as an innovator in the field. Once the credit card competition started to catch up in the 1990s, the brand knew it had to differentiate itself to the top 1% of American consumers by market segmentation. The company decided to […]

What Should You Look For In A Media Agency?

Finding the right media agency requires more than negotiating the cost. A brand has many moving parts. All the inputs that ad agencies bring are a small part of what David Ogilvy called “the complex symbol of the brand.” There has been a major shift in the marketing landscape. The proliferation of big data and […]

How Magnetic Is The Moral Compass Of Your Brand?

Every individual has a moral compass that defines who we are and what we stand for. Our value system shapes our interaction with society at large – that includes brands. Every successful brand has a distinctive persona.  In the era of cancel culture, a simple tweet could send your brand spiraling down. Here are just […]

Why Google and Facebook Combined Can’t Solve All Your Marketing Challenges?

There are 6.9 billion searches on Google every day and Facebook has 1.7 billion daily active users. The tech giants offer their product for free and consumers pay in data. As poignantly argued in a documentary by Netflix, The Social Dilemma, if you don’t pay for the product–you are the product. Naturally, Google and Facebook […]

Digital Solutions For Leaders During The Pandemic

Consumers find it reassuring to hear from the brands. We have previously recommended  that brands should not go dark during the pandemic that has engulfed the entire human race. While it is not the time to launch new product lines, it is a good opportunity to serve the needs of consumers who are expecting to […]