Tokyo Olympics 2020—Is It A Marketing Disaster?

The run-up to the Tokyo Olympics 2020 has been rocky. Organizing it has been a behemoth challenge for the hosts as COVID-19 continues to spread. Many participants have already tested positive for the virus after reaching the Olympic village. The Ugandan boxing team, American tennis player Coco Gauff, the South Africa soccer team, and the […]

Post-pandemic Recovery In The Marketing Space Targeting South Asians

“Disruption” is a word often used to describe a scenario where conventional playbooks or norms get upended in business. The launching of the iPod in 2001, disrupted the music industry; the portable phone changed how we communicated, and the internet transformed human culture to its core. But the COVID-19 pandemic has to be the biggest […]

Tapping Into The Rise Of Informed & Ethnically Diverse Skincare Consumers

All skin types are not equal and the skincare industry has to evolve to connect with the rising group of informed and ethnically diverse skincare consumers. A February 2020 study found that dermatology, the branch of medicine dealing with the skin is the second least diverse specialty after orthopedic surgery in medicine. Under Fenty’s Umbrella […]

Driving Luxury Tourism With Hyper-Relevance

The tourism industry at present is undergoing a disruption that can be likened to when digital apps entered the retail market. For luxury travel companies who want to target South Asians living in the US, this emphasizes the need to adopt a hyper-relevant approach to their messaging and travel experience. Aimed to personalize the customer […]

The Rise And Fall Of Banner Ads

As the web has evolved, so have the forms of advertising on it. Nearly twenty years ago, a team of well-meaning designers and coders inadvertently unleashed on an unsuspecting world: the static banner ad.  The first banner ads were rectangular advertisements that appeared at the top of a web page. They made their debut in […]

Speed Matters: 4 Ways To Win In The Competitive World

Gone are the days when doing business was a privilege in the hands of the few. In the current age, anyone can be an entrepreneur by solving one particular problem. Driven mostly by technological innovation–digital technology is making every aspect of business move at warp speed. There are real benefits to this real-time business capacity: […]