Speed Matters: 4 Ways To Win In The Competitive World

Gone are the days when doing business was a privilege in the hands of the few. In the current age, anyone can be an entrepreneur by solving one particular problem. Driven mostly by technological innovation–digital technology is making every aspect of business move at warp speed. There are real benefits to this real-time business capacity: […]

How Authenticity Can Help Brands Connect With New Consumers

It’s been said: “If you’re being your authentic self, you have no competition.” In the new year, this sentiment certainly rings true. According to the study by YouGov, authentic content that shares your brand’s voice is 20% more important to people than hearing about the latest deals or price discounts. Authenticity can influence what consumers […]

Marketing Financial Services To The Crazy Rich South Asians

The power to live a life of leisure and pleasure with financial security is at the core of every financial services marketing campaign. But how do you market these aspirations to affluent South Asians that already have a lavish life?  Make it S.P.A.R.K!  What is S.P.A.R.K? The acronym stands for—Security, Precision, Acceleration, Real-time, and Kinship. […]

South Asian Americans Are The Greatest Product Pitchers Of All Time – Here’s Why…

South Asian Americans represent one of the fastest-growing, highest income, and most educated population segments in the USA. With a median household income of $120,000 is significantly higher than the national median income of $53,889.  According to FrontAd, there are many industries and categories in which South Asian Americans spend a lot on. This includes […]

How To Give NRIs In The USA More Bang For Their Buck?

A new breed of financial technology (or fintech) companies are adding value to how we do banking. This includes structuring of accounts, portfolio management, mortgages, car loans, person-to-person payments, and of course money remittance. In the past ten years there has been a rush of capital and talent into startups to reinvent banking services altogether.   […]

Viva The Influencer Evolution

Influencers have the ability to mobilize and motivate people. In the last ten years, the power and source of influence has dramatically evolved. The shift has been due to improvement in mobile technology, internet culture, and the change in consumer values.  The influencer marketing platform has evolved during the pandemic from the purely visual feed […]