Banks and wealthy South Asians
can achieve ambitious outcomes

Given the percentage of South Asian Americans with high net worth, banks and financial services professionals can’t overlook reaching them. South Asians Americans have the highest disposable income for investments in real estate, stocks and retirement planning.

Successful marketing to South Asians in the USA requires an understanding of service expectations along with the level of financial sophistication for being one of the most educated and affluent immigrant groups.

Culture can often influence financial behavior and investment habits. FrontAd can build a relationship between banks who want to increase their customer base and the affluent South Asians in the U.S. By understanding the buying power per household, banks can establish higher cross-sell levels than the mainstream American.

South Asian Americans are considered the most attractive financial segment due to:

  • Interest in home ownership as it elevates them socially and financially
  • Entrepreneurial, as 30% own businesses
  • Fastest growing ethnic market who desire car loans, home mortgages, and retirement planning

As the disposable income of South Asians continues to grow, banks should build brand equity that drives new customer acquisition. FrontAd’s deeper demographic knowledge can increase conversion rates per customer, improve churn rates, and add lifetime value per customer.

Why give South Asians more banking options?

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