Who can Benefit from FrontAd Media

The United States of America has a diverse immigrant population. South Asians not only make up one of the largest Asian American ethnic groups but are also the fastest growing population within the US today. Every brand that serves this ethnic group or a product trying to break into the South Asian segment within the US, is looking to find a one stop solution to target them with one single sweep. However, with such a wide scattering of this audience it has been a difficult exercise so far.

FrontAd Media Inc. has cornered the South Asian audience within the US on one single portal. And with over a decade in the business of serving this niche immigrant segment, FrontAd Media has garnered in-depth knowledge of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to serving their needs, interests and desires. If you are a mature company with a range of products or a new entrant into the market, whether it is a FMCG product or Financial Services with an international presence, any and every brand catering to this immigrant population will benefit from the many customizable service solutions offered by FrontAd Media.

Challenges for Local Companies and International Brands Today…

The purchasing power of the South Asian customer is rising. Highly skilled and working in top professions, South Asians in USA are now among the nation’s top earners.

The purchasing power of the customer is determined in a matter of seconds. Are companies able to keep up with it? With shrinking attention span coupled with the satisfaction of immediate gratification, the customer has everything served to him. How do companies cater to this?

When it comes down to specifics, the South Asian market is ever widening. However, the media landscape trying to access this niche market segment is fragmented. Today companies have a scattered approach. Print media is redundant. Banners are short-lived and insufficient as a stand-alone strategy. As, a result companies “spray and pray” for results. This is not only inefficient but also ineffective and they are struggling to cope.

Companies targeting the South Asian audience have a two-fold challenge –

  • Access to a comprehensive, multi-pronged approach to target the entire South Asian segment.
  • Unable to keep up with ever-changing digital landscape of advertising

FrontAd Media is a One-Stop Solution Provider Catering to The South Asian Diaspora

FrontAd Media provides Solutions that are trackable and measurable to the last dollar. Our customized campaigns are made with the final objective of the brand in mind ensuring results that are incomparable to any other provider in this segment. FrontAd Media is able to meet the needs of every brand, every company that is attempting to reach the South Asian audience. Some of its best offerings include –

  • Unique, singular platform providing access to over 3.4 million South Asians including 99% of the NRI community
  • Customizable Digital Campaigns
  • Ensure wide reach and support user engagement
  • Tailor-made campaigns that cover banner advertising and rich media innovation
  • Content Creation and Content Delivery
  • Offer regular tracking and campaign measuring tools

Come, have chai with one of our Executives today and see how FrontAd Media can help you access the South Asian diaspora in the most cost effective and efficient way!