How Authenticity Can Help Brands Connect With New Consumers

May 12, 2021

It’s been said: “If you’re being your authentic self, you have no competition.” In the new year, this sentiment certainly rings true. According to the study by YouGov, authentic content that shares your brand’s voice is 20% more important to people than hearing about the latest deals or price discounts. Authenticity can influence what consumers see and buy.

We seem to care for authenticity a lot these days. When it comes to our work, our leaders, our experiences, even our products–we increasingly value what’s real, genuine, & true.

But how do people respond to authenticity when they see it? Do they pay more for it? Do they review it positively? New research shows that how people react depends on the kind of authenticity that is being evoked.

Across all industries, authenticity is a powerful tool

With the pandemic slowly receding, we are inclined to believe that 2021 is going to be a year when advertisers of all shapes and sizes will double down on feel-good campaigns as the nation moves on with a new President and gradual eradication of the global pandemic.

Humans have always been inspired by moments that define culture, but the way we experience and interact with these moments has changed with curated content from brands from across the world. 

How To Put Your Authentic Brand Identity To Work?

  1. Create trust with authentic content experiences
  2. Look to long term for business relationships with specific audiences
  3. Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day
  4. Build authenticity by delivering the best-answer your audience is actively searching for
  5. Strive for purpose-driven authenticity to push the brand beyond words into action

Today, over 1.25 billion people are online reading content and watching videos about food, culture, entertainment, sports, news, and music. It’s clear that authentic words and videos have fueled a desire for connection. In a recent survey by youth think tank CrowdDNA, 8 in 10 people reported watching videos as a source of authentic content. The most popular content includes light-hearted and feel-good videos which elevated people’s mood boosting attributes. 

As brands prepare to show their authentic selves in the months ahead, considerable time will be spent on messaging and creative. But winning your audience’s mindshare will require reaching them in the first place and holding their attention long enough to make a connection. 

How Should Brands Reach More Consumers?

Should they outshout the competition or try to outsmart them by forming stronger, more relevant connections with a new audience? By building incremental reach in an authentic, brand-safe environment, you can achieve both.

Brands can leverage FrontAd to tap into the power of affluent, educated, multicultural South Asians across the age spectrum in the USA. FrontAd gives brand advertising, content, and videos visibility in an authentic environment:

  • On highly trafficked websites that 1 in 3 South Asians visit every day in USA 
  • Manage a reach with a flexible way for guaranteed delivery  

As Consumers, South Asians Value Authenticity

Authenticity conveys adhering to one’s core beliefs might persuade consumers to pay more for those products that show an understanding of those cultural beliefs and values. By selling to South Asians using FrontAd, your brand will be tapping into consumers’ personal values to reinforce authenticity within a category.

Brands can increase authenticity by adhering to their core beliefs and expressing them to the South Asian community in a way that is inclusive and show understanding of the culture they are selling to. Brand managers have to be careful in crafting an authentic messaging because efforts to do so clumsily can easily backfire. FrontAd as a business partner can assist brands get the authentic part right–making your brand feel familiar, or close to the South Asian community. 

Brand managers should consider FrontAd as a genuine way to appeal to customers. Rather than assuming authenticity leads to a better reputation or more revenue, brand managers might do well to think carefully about what kind of authenticity their company, products, and brand stand for or chooses to express to your customers?

For brands that convey authenticity because they exemplify a specific category or genre, you may generate value by winning higher ratings–which can increase sales rather than charging more for products and services. 

Implementing A Successful Authentic Marketing Program Takes Time, Effort, & Strategy

As a business leader you need to create honest, real, and relevant messaging for your customers to boost the credibility of your company. FrontAd can offer a unique perspective and value to the influential South Asian demographic while establishing your brand as a leader in the category.