FrontAd Media Targeting South Asians in the US

South Asian Segmentation within the US

South Asians in the US comprise of nationals from India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives. Traditionally, immigrants in the US tend to migrate to already established pockets within a foreign country. This could be either area familiar to them based on previous settlers from their communities or to areas where job opportunities abound. The US hosts a majority of the South Asians in major metropolitan areas and forms the more affluent part of the population with employment in technology and medical fields.

Although scattered across America, this population is dominant in New York, California, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey and Texas. They hold high-paying jobs and have an equally high spending capacity. South Asians are the largest Asian American ethnic group in the US with Indians and Pakistanis being in the top three. To focus on the South Asian diaspora means to be able to target your brand in these segments and FrontAd Media already has a foot in the door today!

Effective ways to address them

The South Asian segment in the US is 5.4 million strong and ever-growing. A very diverse group, the majority live metropolitan cities with a median income exceeding $80K and a combined purchasing power expected to reach 1.3 trillion by Yr. 2022, the highest among any ethnic group. To meet the needs of such a growing racial demographic, we need different ways to address and serves them.

Over ten years of experience in understanding this audience has given us the confidence to deliver Solutions that is incomparable with any other provider. The fact that 1 in every 3 South Asian in the US utilizes at least one of FrontAd Media’s brands each day is the testimony that not only has FrontAd Media understood their need well but also gained their trust to deliver quality.

Changes in the Communication Paradigm

Traditional advertising started with print advertising which, today with the arrival of digital media is least effective. Banners and posters which are old school, capture a smaller audience. Television and Radio pull in some traffic but then again, it is not always quantifiable and therefore, not satisfying enough if not trackable to the last dollar.

Initially, changes to the advertising industry were slow. However, today the shift is transformational. Digital advertising has taken over with a large sweep across every industry and keeps up with the minimizing attention span of the customer. Augmented digital experiences challenge the advertising industry too, to keep up with this change.

What Is This Change?

  • Advertising has gone all digital, which translates to far reach and quicker results
  • Traditional media aka the print medium is dead as we knew it
  • All forms of communication are data-driven and backed by technological tools
  • Advertising as well should yield prompt, measurable results at the click of a button
  • Google and Facebook Advertising Networks are samples of the expansive growth and reach of new-age advertising.
  • Content is King, therefore, relevant, effective and timely content delivery is key

Challenges for Companies and Institutions Today…

Be it table-salt or a semi-truck, the purchasing power of the customer is determined in a matter of seconds. Are companies able to keep up with it? With shrinking attention span coupled with the satisfaction of immediate gratification, the customer has everything served to him. How do companies cater to this?

When it comes down to specifics, the South Asian market is ever-widening. However, the media landscape trying to access this niche market segment is fragmented. Today companies have a scattered approach. Print media is redundant. Banners are short-lived and insufficient as a stand-alone strategy. As result companies “spray and pray” for results. This is not only inefficient but also ineffective and they are struggling to cope.

Companies targeting the South Asian audience have a two-fold challenge –

  • Access to a comprehensive, multi-pronged approach to target the entire South Asian segment.
  • Keep up with ever-changing digital landscape of advertising

Why FrontAd Media?

It is simple – FrontAd Media has cornered the South Asian market in one singular platform. And with over a decade in the business of serving this niche immigrant segment, FrontAd Media has garnered in-depth knowledge of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to serving their needs, interests and desires.

FrontAd Media provides Solutions that are trackable and measurable to the last dollar. Our customized campaigns are made with the final objective of the brand in mind ensuring results that are incomparable to any other provider in this segment. FrontAd Media is able to meet the needs of every brand, every company that is attempting to reach the South Asian audience, be it brands with mature product offerings or new entrants breaking in, from FMCG to Auto to Financial Services. Some of its best offerings include –

  • Unique, singular platform providing access to over 3.4 South Asian including 99% of the NRI community
  • Customizable Digital Campaigns
  • Ensure wide reach and support user engagement
  • Tailor-made campaigns that cover banner advertising and rich media innovation
  • Content Creation and Content Delivery
  • Offer periodic tracking and campaign measurable tools