Digital Solutions For Leaders During The Pandemic

Consumers find it reassuring to hear from the brands. We have previously recommended  that brands should not go dark during the pandemic that has engulfed the entire human race. While it is not the time to launch new product lines, it is a good opportunity to serve the needs of consumers who are expecting to hear from the brands.

A recent study by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) and real-time market research platform Suzy found that 85% of consumers wanted to hear from the brands. Brands are expected to do their part. And these marketing messages can be very powerful.

As brands learn to navigate leaders in the digital solutions industry have forged a collective effort to rise above. We have found that transparency and trust have been constructive in bringing open channels of communication and collaboration. Learn more about how global brands are successfully communicating. 

FrontAd Media Inc., which owns and operates prominent brands viz. CompareRemit, Path2USA, and Trackitt, is a forerunner in providing digital media solutions to the South Asian diaspora. At FrontAd, we are always going the extra mile to help you through every phase of your digital journey and a pandemic is not an exception.

South Asians are one of the highest educated, most digitally advanced and the fastest-growing consumer segment in the U.S. Digital penetration and its application among Asian American households was very high even before the Coronavirus pandemic struck.

Over the decades, we have helped many brands in making a complete digital transformation and many more in expanding their digital efforts to focus on measurable multicultural initiatives. 

Beyond crisis mode and showing solidarity, it is a great opportunity for brands to work with their digital media agencies as partners to build meaningful connections to set up for long term success. In one of the FrontAd properties, CompareRemit, a comparison portal for money transfer companies, FrontAd has adopted an agile content strategy to test, measure, and optimize accordingly. In addition, it has helped garner maximum engagement through premium inventories at a preferential price. 

In a recent survey by Profitero and Kantar, only 37% of brands optimize their online content to improve sales. Despite the wide adoption of digital asset management/product information management (DAM/PIM) solutions for managing content, only 37% of the brands are actively benchmarking and optimizing content for greater sales impact to ensure it is outpacing the competition.

The key to successful communication during the time of crisis is the balance between value-based reinforcement and business-driving actionable. And FrontAd has taken up the following initiatives to show solidarity with our clients, appreciate their loyalties, and offer a platform to continue showcasing their services and products. 

All in all, we have identified 3 key factors that have helped our clients during this crisis: 

Value-added inventory – Access to high-value inventory at preferential pricing. For instance, across FrontAd platforms, we have opened up premium inventories to match their campaign goals for existing clients. For new clients, we have offered value-added inventories to help them achieve the highest ROI.

Efficient Targeting – Digital advertising is the only medium that allows brands to achieve the level of segmenting and targeting to reach your audiences. Our strong presence within the immigrant community allows you to reach specific target audiences with measurable results.

Customized Solution – There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Digital advertising’s ability to geo-target and deliver contextually relevant messages with ease to the right set of audiences will guarantee the highest Returns on Investment (ROI) for a range of marketing budgets. 

The pandemic has intrinsically changed the way people live, driven by the control measures, consumers are opting for digital and contactless experiences more than ever. It has changed the advertising landscape. And the changes will stick around post-pandemic. Data-driven campaigns and communications are imperative for brands to address the change in consumer behaviors. To learn more about how FrontAd has stepped up with branding and exclusive advertising initiatives for its partners, contact us.